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Photography Services

Photography Services

Founded in 2007 and established as one of the top award winning San Diego photographers, Ivan Nicolau offers over a decade of experience and is recognized for his unique talent for capturing the essence of his subject, while bringing his own unique style and flare to his finished work.

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Compelling ad campaigns call for an experienced advertising photographer who can take a concept and create a reality that exceeds all expectations. For more than 17 years, Mark DeLong Photography has been a trusted advertising photographer in Los Angeles, taking his clients’ visions and bringing them to life — beautifully, compellingly and efficiently. Mark’s creative eye, diverse experience and professionalism allow him to make the important on-set tweaks, technical adjustments and execute the details that make all the difference. His knowledge of what it takes to create outstanding advertising campaigns and product images sets him apart from other advertising photographers in Southern California and across the country.

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Photo Editing & Retouching

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Photo Editing & Retouching

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